Projects at illuminate

Central to the philosphy of IlluminateICT is our willingness and ability to deliver a range of projects for voluntary and community organisations and, charities.  Illuminate is currently delivering the WMICT Champion project for the West Midlands.  Our skills and flexibility allows us to provide a varying degree of involvement from the role of 'Trusted Advisor' to being the full delivery partner.

The types of projects we run include:

  • Website development projects: including user acceptance, training, accessibility compliance and search engine optimisation.
  • Database and crm projects: Illuminate is  a training provider on CRM systems, Social Impact tracking software and installation and configuration of many systems.
  • WM ICT Champion: offering advice and assistance to infrastructure groups and through them to the grass root organisations in the West Midlands. The ICT Champions web site is
  • Design projects. do you need some new banners and materials, we can assist by delivering facilitated sessions to identify the colours and themes and provide a skilled designer to provide you with cost effective and impactful banners.
  • Planning a communications strategy, what technologies will you use, how will you implement them, hoe can you measure the impact.  Illuminate offers effective project management solutions to empower you to concentrate on your core skills and we deliver ours.